Friday, February 27, 2009

Important News! The Blog Has Been Moved!

I am sorry for being silent for so long but now I am proud to present to you the new home of this blog - This is my new internet place and as you can see, the blog has completely new design. I hope you'll like it.

For those who have subscribed to the RSS feed, please, update your subscription to the new address of the RSS feed - I decided not to keep the old one since Feedburner migrated all their services to Google.

I moved most of the posts from this blog to the new site but this place will stay as an archive of my first steps in blogging.

I have grown significantly for the last two years and I became a very popular blogger in my country. Well, I created several other blogs and I wrote there mostly in Bulgarian but I am starting a new phase in my blogging career and I believe that I will be able to bring my English blog - Stop and Think! into new life again.

Thank you for supporting me all the time and I hope we'll meet again in my new blog.
I will be there.